1:24 Iveco Hi-Way 480 E5 Low Roof (ohne Auflieger)

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The Stralis Hi-Way is characterized by an important series of technological and aesthetic differences compared with previous versions. The cabin has been redesigned and improved compared and it is able to provide and higher standard of comfort on board. The adoption of integrated electronic system is permitting to enhance the driving safety the evolution of the Stralis had also take in consideration the engines and the gearbox. The "powertrains" can minimize fuel consumption and reduce maintenance and the running costs. The engine system made it possible to comply with the anti-pollution parameters dictated by the Euro 5 regulation and to ensure good operational performance. The appreciated combination by the customers of cabin size, power released by the engine (480 HP), low running costs, have made Iveco Stralis a good commercial success on the most important European markets.

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